Thursday, June 21, 2007


It occurs to me that some readers may never even have heard of Second Life (SL). Think "The Sims" on crack. You have an avatar, an effigy of yourself, or who you would like to be, that interacts with other avatars. Unlike "The Sims" these are not AI robots that you control, but representations of real human beings with real brains and hearts. And the result of interacting with some of these beings is as addictive as crack. Or as addictive as love.

I am madly in love with several women in SL. Two of who are my wives. Yes, plural. If you wish to read an incredible treatise on the subject please read the blog of my sister wife Magdalena She is far more eloquent than I.

While I am on the subject, my first sister wife, Atlantis, chronicles her birth and adventures at . Very different writing styles from two very talented women.

In addition to these two amazing women, our neighbors and mentors, Ailenor and Alison, are as dear to us as we are to each other. A lovely couple that was partnered before I was "born" (in SL), and who constantly astonishes us with their generosity and playfulness. So wise and joyful.

Then there is my pet, Taranae. SL has a strong and thriving BDSM culture. Don't know what that is? Come on by, and I'll show you sometime. Many Mistresses keep slaves. I can't come to terms with that term. So I use the euphemism "pet." Atlantis is both my wife and my pet, though usually not at the same time. It's complicated. Bottom line is I am Dominant, my pets are subordinate. I am the Mistress, and I rule my subs.

I also have many lovers, and I am not sure it is fair to mention their names here, but many are very dear to me, and my life would be poorer without them. If my wives are not online, and Ailenor and Alison are cuddling in some nook, and my pet is otherwise engaged, I might get the privilege of seeing one (or two, hell, or three) of them. And hence we get back to the original theme.

If there are not enough hours in the day in Real Life (RL) then SL exacerbates the problem beyond all reason. I am working on this at 3:30 AM after just logging off from SL. I could have stayed online a couple more hours, but I have to get up at 7. But, this is unusual. Usually, I get a full four hours of sleep a night. I do float around RL a little, but not so it has gotten me into any trouble. Yet.

I have dear friends in the Bermuda, Germany, Scotland, Australia, France, Greece, Japan, and of course the US and Canada.
This coterie spans all the time zones and a dateline, and I could be online twenty-four/seven if I had the stamina. As it is, I have dropped eight pounds without even trying, and I'm back to my modeling weight of six years ago. Most distressing is that I do not have quality time to spend with all those I love. My lovemaking sessions usually last well over an hour, unless a catastrophic event like a crash intervenes, or if one of my wives comes online and needs me. So, there is never a way to maintain a balance. I sort of fall into bed with the first willing woman, and tell the rest I will see them later. I hate that because I want to embrace them all. And orgies, while they have their place, are not the same.

So, I continue to push the envelope. As I finish this I have a bad cold, perhaps because my resistance is lowered from lack of sleep. Fortunately, no one in SL has caught it from me. I spent last night being comforted by my dearest loves. And fell asleep to their ministrations. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Life if but a dream.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Who is Chastity DeCuir?

The short answer is, “I don’t know yet.” Like Alice, through the looking glass, I knew who I was when I came into this wood, but now I can’t quite remember. Like the Chinese conundrum, I wonder, “Am I a woman dreaming I am a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming I am a woman?” Times up, turn in your papers.

Long answer: Although I swore I would keep Real Life (RL) and Second Life (SL) completely separate, I have not done so. Not entirely. So here are some of the leaks that have become common knowledge among my SL friends: Chastity is indeed my name in RL (I think my mother had s weird sense of humor), DeCuir is not. I live on the East Coast of the United States of America (EST). I am a working actress, who also works in a bar, and does freelance graphic work. I also used to sculpt, before SL started sapping all my free time. As of this writing, I am 26 years old, I am of Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, and Irish descent in almost equal proportions, I am goth, I have numerous piercings, and I am a lesbian.

From this platform, I spring into uncharted depths. I intend to chronicle my journey through Second Life on these pages. Any adult is welcome to tag along if they care to. I hope the journey will be as interesting to you as it is proving to be to me.